fullAccess™ is a fully-integrated radiotherapy
data display, communication and analysis platform
that enables clinicians across the continuum of care to
access, analyze and share RT data.
Anytime. Anywhere.


Sophisticated software tools
to enhance the quality of treatment
and improve the efficiency of clinical workflow.
fullAccess supports flexible viewing of multi-modality diagnostic images and multi-vendor treatment plans; quantitative analysis and benchmarking of plan quality metrics; and sharing of RT data between facilities and caregivers for clinical collaboration.
ViewView diagnostic images and treatment plans for all major treatment modalities, delivery devices and planning systems from a single desktop application.
analyzeAnalyze plan quality metrics against protocols and benchmark performance relative to historic experience.
annotateAnnotate treatment plans with clinical commentary that can be reviewed and responded to by other members of the treatment team.
packagePackage patient images, treatment plans and other non-DICOM documents into a single electronic file with an embedded image viewer.
shareShare data packages electronically with other stakeholders, who can access the data from any location without separate software licensing or specialized computer hardware.


OncoInformatix™ is a comprehensive platform
for RT quality analysis and reporting
The OncoInformatix™ platform facilitates the centralized aggregation and analysis of RT data. Across networked facilities. Between outside institutions. For engagement with payers.


A web-based platform for
data acquisition, aggregation, analysis and reporting.
Data submissionA HIPAA-compliant web portal for secure submission of patient demographic, diagnosis and treatment data.
data processingCloud-based processing of plan quality metrics relative to treatment guidelines and benchmark data.
quality reportingPatient-specific reporting on plan quality and risk profile, and aggregate reporting on practice patterns and quality performance.
outcomes analysisAggregation of treatment, response and cost data for predictive analytics, comparative effectiveness and downstream care coordination.


a virtual learning environment that Transforms
the RT teaching and learning experience.
Radialogica’s fullAccess™ software is a revolutionary platform for content delivery, course instruction and student assessment for academic disciplines associated with radiation oncology, including radiation therapy and medical dosimetry training schools as well as radiation oncology and medical physics residency programs. fullAccess facilitates comprehensive case presentations for classroom-based instruction, distance learning and continuing education applications.

Virtual Learning Environment

A more flexible, robust and integrated
educational experience that benefits students
and instructors alike.
Content deliveryStudents can review fully interactive images and treatment plans from any location, without requiring access to a treatment planning system.
case presentationInstructors can package DICOM data sets and other standard files (such as videos, classroom presentations, lecture notes and journal articles) into a single electronic file for site- or technique-specific teaching modules.
course instructionRobust annotation tools can be used to create contouring atlases and highlight specific discussion points directly in the plan.
student assessmentStudent can submit anonymized treatment plans from any planning system for instructor review; benchmark plan quality against guidelines and peer performance; annotate plans with clinical commentary; and attach supplemental files for evaluation purposes.