radialogica is a bioinformatics company
focused on radiation oncology.
We provide sophisticated software and robust analytics to elevate quality of care for cancer patients. Our organizational strategy, capabilities and resources are unified around a deep commitment to quality and value in oncology, and the goal of reducing the physical and financial burden of cancer treatment and survivorship.


WE partner with providers in the
care of their patients.
Radialogica provides sophisticated software tools to enhance the quality of radiotherapy treatment and improve the efficiency of clinical workflow. We streamline, simplify, and standardize the plan review process and elevate the standard of care for cancer patients.
We understand the challenges. We recognize the opportunities.
We come from the field and we understand the challenges. Accessing data and automating routine workflow in the clinic. Sharing knowledge and expertise between facilities. Ensuring quality and consistency across networks.
Opportunities to standardize practice, benchmark performance and collaborate with peers. Opportunities to leverage technology, evidence, and insight to enhance the efficiency of our work and the quality of our care.
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Plan ReviewA dedicated plan review platform for ubiquitous access to RT tools and data. Review treatment plans for all major modalities, delivery devices and planning systems from any standard PC with a toolset optimized for MD plan review.
Decision SupportAutomated extraction and analysis of plan quality metrics. Robust evaluation metrics, user-defined templates and custom reporting to streamline and standardize plan review and promote conformance with institutional guidelines.
Clinical CollaborationCommunication, coordination and collaboration between members of the care team. Case presentation tools for peer review and chart rounds that enable knowledge sharing and distribution of best practices.
Institutional LearningCentralized data aggregation and analysis. Benchmark quality against historical plans, and monitor performance across networks.
Care CoordinationDistribution of RT data outside the clinic. HIPAA-compliant sharing of treatment plans across multidisciplinary care teams and with referral partners for coordination and continuity of care.


WE partner with PAYERS in the
care of their patients.
Radialogica provides robust analytics that empower health insurance companies to infuse quality into radiotherapy benefits management and reduce the lifetime burden of cancer survivorship.
We understand the challenges. We recognize the opportunities.
The cost and complexity of RT treatment continue to rise. Complications can be prevalent and expensive. Quality remains understudied and undermanaged.
We focus on quality, not just utilization. We monitor treatment quality to help avoid unnecessary complications and recurrences, and facilitate downstream care coordination for proactive case management. We provide payers with actionable evidence to manage the care and cost of their members.
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Quality AUDITINGQuantitative plan evaluation and quality benchmarking for provider feedback and payer visibility. We benchmark plan quality metrics against treatment guidelines and peer performance, promoting quality and consistency of care.
Case ManagementCare coordination reports for proactive case management following completion of therapy. We document patient-specific quality metrics and risk factors to anticipate and manage treatment-related complications.
Performance BenchmarkingCentralized analysis and reporting for patient and provider quality. We provide a comprehensive view into system-wide performance in order to elevate and standardize quality of care across provider networks.
Care ContinuityPermanent and portable access to treatment plan data to ensure effective continuity of care. We facilitate sharing of treatment data with patients, primary care providers and other medical specialists for coordination and continuity of survivor care.